I had given up on the prospect of a great Spider-Man movie. The closest thing I thought we'd ever get was the mediocre second installment of the original Sam Raimi trilogy. That the best thing about that movie was a soundtrack that featured Taking Back Sunday should say all about its quality we need to know. The anxiety I felt anticipating the release of ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ was unlike that of any other superhero film and completely irrational for just a movie. Spider-Man is my dude. I grew up on and loved the cartoon from the 90s (RIP Madam Spider) it was earliest exposure I can remember to the character and I inexplicably took him like no other super hero since. I have and continue to enjoy most of the Marvel Cinematic Universe even when others' interests have waned but I have been starting to feel the drain lately. When it was first rumored Marvel and Sony were in talks of allowing this to happen I was Jessie Spano excited; a flop from this company would surely mean all hope should be lost. With the few stumbles Marvel has had being recent and this being their first attempt at my favorite franchise, my guy, I was worried.

Having seen this movie, however I can finally admit to myself now that those other movies were garbage, yes even aforementioned part two. No longer having to defend bad films in the name of fandom is a welcome relief in my life, although I will still fight the fight for the Star Wars prequels. I should have trusted Disney and known they wouldn't fail me. So fear not, as always, the studio that has been entertaining me literally since I started forming memories did not drop the ball.

Spoilers Ahead

Tom Holland and John Watts did an incredible job to capture the light hearted, good nature and humor of the Spider-Man universe and bring it to life, even the non Stark side characters get in on humor. Much like with Deadpool watching this I got the feeling it was a Spider-Man comic come to life. The quips were great and numerous. The adversity Peter faces was small and convincing enough to prove Marvel can still perform on that scale but not minuscule enough to lose interest. Maybe it’s just the early flashback but Marvel did a great job of making this feel like it was part of phase 1 of the MCU and Spidey has always belonged here.

There was a lot to like about this movie; capturing the relationship of Spidey with his city, showcasing the diversity of the city, Donald Glover. I really like that the filmakers did not get obnoxious with the web slinging. Free falling all around the city looks cool and he’ll get there eventually but something about watching Peter beef it that hard helped to ground his character and did a good job portraying where he is in his journey. There was some stuff I didn't like; why was there no freaking Spider sense? I also felt it ran a little long. The Spidey world Marvel fleshed out with constant wit and action felt like it was a lot to take in but not a lot took place throughout the movie. I don’t know how better to describe but that it FELT like I had watched a 2 hour movie as opposed to other movies I enjoy where I’m not paying attention to the time. It always seemed like there was so much more to get to. That feeling could be a by product of the best feature of the movie however, there’s no origin story so by the end of the movie it feels like there’s something off or missing. At this point in the super hero movie bombardment going on moviegoers have grown accustomed to these movies playing out a certain way. It would have been easy to just kill Uncle Ben again but Marvel wisely saw that wasn’t necessary and it feels a little foreign given the formulaic way Marvel has traditionally gone about posturing their franchises but it was absolutely the right decision. Personally I would’ve watched for another 2 hours strictly because of my love for the source material, I will when part 2 inevitably comes out. In all honestly I would probably watch a sequel even if the movie had been awful but I won’t have to come to terms with that again because it’s pretty great.

Actually the best part was confirmation, in the MCU…...Peter Parker is a Mets, not a Yankees, fan.