Few things in life are better than a good taco spot. Discovering one can be a magical moment, knowing of one is a source of pride, and frequenting one provides as much comfort as anything can. There’s a wide variety of things that can elevate any place from being a place to get tacos to a “good taco spot” It can be the quality of the salsas, or the variety of taco types, maybe in some cases it could even be the price.

El Tizoncito or as their recent rebranding “El Tiz” is a local chain of taquerias in Dallas Texas which serve classic Mexico City tacos al pastor from a trompo. The pork is tender and perfectly seasoned, providing a hint of spice. The red and green salsa which are placed on each table in a caddy that also contains freshly diced white onions, cilantro, and limes allow the eater to garnish their taco as they see fit. It’s delicious, objectively one of the finer tacos in the whole of DFW. An often overlooked, but essential part of what elevates these tacos to greatness lies in the tortilla of the tacos.


Double tortilla use can elevate a place to a “good taco spot”. The tortillas at El Tizoncito and at any respectable taco place are strong enough to hold whatever is stuffed in there so executing a double tortilla isn’t done out of necessity. Sure, there’s the exception when the guisado that’s being used in the taco is a bit more liquidy and can break a tortilla but for the most part this is not the case with Al Pastor. The double tortilla exists to elevate the taco as a whole. There’s an increase in the taste of tortilla that fills your mouth with each bite, tortilla being ⅓ of the recipe one can see why this is important.The tortillas at El Tizoncito are yellow corn, a little bit bigger than taqueria tacos but still smaller than store bought corn tortillas and they are delicious. Not fried or oily in any way they’re perfect containers for the trompo al pastor. Additionally, a double tortilla taco also just feels nice in the hand, the added heft of the fold makes for a heftier feel, but it has one extra use which is what really makes it perfect.

When you have two tortillas per taco you can make more tacos.

If you spill some of the meat from your taco, it’s not a big deal. Set one or two of the doubles aside. When the original tacos are done, gather all the meat that you accidently spilled, or in some cases “accidently spilled” and put them on your spare tortilla. Magically another taco has appeared. Out of thin air.

There’s a lot of joy to be found in a taco spot, but having a free extra taco is as beautiful a thing as can exist. Aside from the flavor of the meat and salsas themselves this is what elevates el Tizoncito to a GTS[1] and what will no doubt elevate a taco spot around you. Seek out the double tortilla and you won’t be disappointed.

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