Obsessed would be an accurate word to describe how I feel towards IT. I have been following news as it will be released closely. I listened to the audio book and have watched/dissected the trailer and teaser more than 30 times each, easily. I can't remember the last time I have been as excited as I am for the release of a film and IT has given me new hope for a good horror film adaptation. I even wrote about how great I thought the film would be upon its release, and up until today I was 100% in.

I came across this Movie Pilot article about a major plot change and I must admit, it burst my balloon. Before I continue I must disclose that a plot spoiler will be revealed. If you rather not know, I urge you to stop now, but if you are curious like I was, please continue.

Ok, everybody ready?

The article reveals how in this films’ version of the story, Bill Denbrough will not know whether his brother Georgie was actually killed or not. Therefore, making the Losers Club descent into Pennywise’s lair a search for Georgie, instead of the original reason which is to defeat this monster. It completely takes away from the perseverance they gain from Georgie's death, especially Bill's, that propels them into the face of evil. It seems like a small change and kudos to director Andrés Muschietti for making this film his own, BUT knowing Georgie is dead is detrimental to the character development of Big Bill. Georgie’s death is what first sets everything in motion. The guilt that Bill carries with him for feeling responsible for his death is what weighs heavy in Bill’s heart throughout and ultimately what motivates Bill's need to defeat Pennywise once and for all.

IT is able to torment Bill by using Georgie against him. Not only with visions of his late brother, but playing up how responsible he feels for his death. In addition, there is little to no relationship between Bill and his parents after Georgie is gone. Despite the loss of his brother, the strain it puts on the relationship with his parents, his ordeal with Pennywise (which could drive any one person mad) he still knows he and the Loser's are the only ones that can defeat IT.

My biggest fear is that the emotional development of the characters I love won't come across as strongly if Bill isn’t aware. At such a young age, he is able to persevere against so much adversity, despite so much of it. It’s almost cheapened to have the reason the Losers Club head down to Pennywise’s lair be for a simple search party.

However, I hope with all my heart that I am wrong and that this plot point change works perfectly. I want this film to succeed. It could be that there is a new driving force to all of this with an end result much more powerful than that of revenge, determination and perseverance. Muschietti could be onto something great with this and exceed all expectations. I really can't wait.