I listen to a lot of new music.Every week pretty much every anticipated and well reviewed release and some sentimental favorites or albums with kick ass artwork go through my earholes. This leads to listening to a lot of crap sure but I also get to find a lot of stuff I normally wouldn't if I passively let algorithms bring music to me. Luckily for you I listen so you don't have to, what follows is my favorite stuff from the first quarter of 2019 and some tidbits. Here's the playlist, it's a pretty eclectic group of tracks and there should be something for everyone even country fans.

Albums I added most songs into my rotation from:
Albert Hammond Jr - Francis Trouble
Natti Natasha - ilumiNATTI
Dee White - Southern Gentlemen
Yola - Walk Through Fire
Kehlani - While We Wait
Wallows - Nothing Happens
LION BABE - Cosmic Wind

Women crushed the first quarter:

It would be well worth giving some extended time to the aforementioned Natti Natasha, Yola and Kehlani. In addition to them Little Simz, Solange, Spelling, Adia Victoria, Nitty Scott (with Polish Ambassador), LION BABE, Maggie Rogers, Karen O, Cherry Glazer and Ex Hex.

Country Renaissance?:
Probably not but Dee White, Yola, George Strait and Reba McEntire all had strong releases that were different shades of legit country.

Familiar faces:
If you recognize but can’t place the voice in Dark Arcades by Blaqk Audio, it is Davey Havok from AFI.

Jillian Hervey of LION BABE is the daughter of Vanessa Williams.

Albert Hammond, Jr. is former guitarist for the Strokes and it shows.


This is the extended rotating new music playlist these picks were culled from: