The best scene in Deadpool 2 is when the newly formed X-Force jumps out of an airplane on the way to their first mission. All the characters make mention of the wind advisory that’s in effect but they all jump out and things go bad, in a funny way. At the end of this misguided jump the only thing that’s left of the X-Force is Domino, and Deadpool who has landed hundreds of yards away is trying to catch up to Domino. That one scene pretty much summarizes the entirety of the movie.

The Wind Advisory

Deadpool 2 couldn’t be better than Deadpool. More specifically, it couldn’t be more of a Deadpool movie than Deadpool 1. The first was a surprise, a mild shock, a jolt of something abrasive and at the very least “different” from all the other superhero movies that were out there. The second movie if it was to be more of the same would minimize itself and the first, it’s a losing position. The success of the first also played against just how gratuitous the second movie could be in regards to violence or crude humor. Since the first was successful more people would undoubtedly come to see the second, so it couldn’t push the envelope in regards to what it could show on screen. Above all though the existence of the second movie itself turns Deadpool into a franchise and not just a one off. Franchises need to be maintained, kept, protected, and above all franchise movies need to point to the next one. This changes the nature of everything in this movie and gives more stakes to this movie being a financial success which is the best way to ensure the stakes IN the movie itself are lower. The 2 at the end of the title should have been a dead giveaway.

Everything Goes Bad but It’s Funny

Deadpool is the annoying commentator that knows all the comic book tropes and calls them out in all the movies. Deadpool is also going through all those tropes and cliches himself. It’s a fine balance to call out the cliche while also performing it, and I’d say Deadpool 2 manages to barely do it right. The formation of the X-Force in particular is very funny, and the two guys without superpowers being the source of the most humor. Deadpool is still new enough that hearing a character on screen say all the things the most annoying superhero movie fans or haters have said hundreds of times still feels good in Deadpool 2. Somewhere near the end of the movie though there’s a realization that just doing this isn’t enough to sustain the franchise. So Deadpool becomes just another Superhero movie where the motivation of our “hero” is what’s most important and he’s found a “family” to call his own and fight for and with. Marvel’s favorite antihero is just as much of a good guy as Captain America, but he cusses.

Just like the X-Force itself, this movie promised a lot of weirdness but it ended up being just another hero movie. As a whole, Superhero movies needed something different in order to survive, they needed a breath so that they could go on further. Deadpool 1 provided that (somewhat) and Deadpool 2 tried to but the fact is that it was Guardians and Thor:Ragnarok that have really given the blueprint for the “fun, not really serious, but super serious” superhero movie. While Deadpool 2 pointed more towards the standard model. If anything I’m more concerned that Deadpool 3 will be a real clunker.

Catching up to Domino

Domino is the best character in Deadpool 2. Zazie Beets is fantastic, has great comedic timing, she’s great in action scenes and steals every scene she’s on. The best thing about Beets’ Domino is that throughout the whole movie she’s got this air of “I’m putting up with YOU” as opposed to being glad to be a part of the team, or having a larger sense of duty. She’s there because she makes everything better, plain and simple.Her general lack of worry and lack of “soldiery badassness” is perhaps the best thing about her. She’s lucky. She doesn’t need to worry.I don’t care that the comic book character is a pale waif with straight jet black hair, the way Deadpool 2’s Domino kicks ass then jumps out of a crashing truck landing nonchalantly on a giant inflatable panda bear then dusts herself off and walks away looks much cooler with big hair and swagger.. There’s three more movies in Zazie Beets’s deal with Fox to play the character and though Deadpool may have referred to her as “Black Black Widow” in the movie the character in the few scenes she’s in has already shown to be much more compelling than any scene Black Widow has been in across all her movie appearances.