In October 16 of the last year I made my "Ignorant and Borderline Troll but Wouldn't it be Great if it Happened" NBA Season Standings Predictions and now that season has wrapped up and we’re about to embark on the second season, the playoffs let’s take a step back and see how I did.

Real World on the Left, Mine on the Right

First of all two of the teams that I predicted would make it to the postseason didn’t make it that is the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat. In the west instead of the Lakers we have the Portland Trailblazers make it and in the East the Orlando Magic instead of the Miami Heat. Of those two errors the most significant has to be the Los Angeles Lakers missing out on the postseason.

Before the season I said the following about the Lakers:

“Let’s imagine for a moment that science advanced to a point where I could walk into a chamber and a copy of me would be created, an exact replica, down to the alarming addiction to hot cheetos. Let’s do that two more times. You could take those 4 Rod Nunez’s,with all their 12 hot cheeto dusted fingers dress em up in a Lakers Uniform and put them on the court with LeBron James and one of those would be an All-Star, another one would get a huge contract, the third would end up dating a Kardashian, and the last one would become some sort of morbidly obese Matthew Dellavedova-clone and they would all be in the playoffs. That’s how good LeBron is.”

Clearly something happened….I personally don’t think it’s an issue of LeBron’s skills declining even though this season he did struggle with some injuries unlike past years but the real mistake and rare misstep was the failed Anthony Davis trade. LeBron pretty much let it be known that he’d trade ALL of his teammates for Anthony Davis and that clearly caused some sort of discontent in the team. There were flashes of greatness all throughout the year but for the first time since the game of Basketball was invented we’ll be without LeBron in the playoffs and that feels odd…

Aside from the misses I didn’t nail the order on either division..Let’s take a look at those first in the East…

Actual Eastern Conference Standings

1. Milwaulkee Bucks (Predicted: #1)

Giannis was better than I imagined despite not really shooting 3s he became a better more dominant version of Young Shaq. Malcolm Brodgon who is the other guy I highlighted was having an awesome year until he had a serious injury, seriously dude was on pace for a 50/40/90 season. The Bucks were just a really fun team to watch it was Giannis plus four good to great outside shooters playing hard defense. Barring more injuries I think this team can make it all the way to the Eastern Conference finals...but anyway I was right!

2. Toronto Raptors (Predicted #2)

I was right again! Honestly predicting the top of the East wasn’t really hard since anyone knew it was gonna be one of these two teams. What I couldn’t have predicted is that the Raptors got this high not just BECAUSE of Kawhi but in large part DESPITE Kawhi. I say this because Leonard missed significant part of the season and the Raptors still won. Pascal Siakam graduted from just being a cool name to pronounce to becoming a solid player that even if Kawhi leaves I wouldn’t feel too bad since Siakam is developing so well. The Raptors also added veteran ex-Grizzlie Marc Gasol who is sneaky putting up MVP numbers. They could finally make it to the finals...and if they make it, could Kawhi stay?????

3. Philadelphia 76ers (Predicted #3)


And Finally...what happened to Markelle Fultz?!

4. Boston Celtics (Predicted #4)

I could have never predicted that this team would be as much of a mess as it is. Kyrie Irving suddenly considers himself an aged guru? Jayson Tatum is suddenly a scrub, Al Horford dissapeared? Gordon Hayward is the Andy Dalton of the NBA, meaning he only plays well when no one’s watching? Also Brad Stevens sucks? All of those questions and they still ended up on the top half of the rankings so….great? Marcus Smart is injured so these guys will more than like lose except…

5. Indiana Pacers (Predicted #6)

The Pacers have all the injuries. Oladipo is out which is a shame. Bogdonavic can take over a game and so can Sabonis but I honestly don’t think they can beat even the disfunctional Celtics over an entire series. Congrats to them on outperforming even WITHOUT their All star.

6. Brooklyn Nets (Predicted #8)

My prediction for why the Nets would end up in the 8th seed was “Why the hell not?”. The real reason should have been DeAngelo Russell. What a season! DLo tore it up and was genuinely an incredibly player this season. Gone is the snitching snapchatter of old instead DLo is a cold blooded killer who can take over games. Will it hold up in the post season though? I don’t think so...but it would be genuinely pleasant if it did. It’s good to see a young player once maligned emerge in this way and it’s good that a NY team is doing well, even if it’s THE OTHER team.

7. Orlando Magic (Predicted: N/A)

So I did not see this coming. A couple of things, Vucevic is legit good. Dj Augustin wears Filas, so he’s automatically one of my favorites. This is what happened to Markelle Fultz.

8. Detroit Pistons (Predicted: #7)

So I missed this by one, I expected Dwayne Casey + Blake Griffin to blow up and they kinda did? The last couple of games in the east were crazy with the Pistons/Heats/Magic all fighting for the last spot so all things considered I think making the playoffs on his first year with the team is a fantastic outcome for “Clipper for Life” Blake Griffin. Going up against the Bucks is a really touch matchup though, especially since Griffin has got no knees anymore and Drummond can’t even hope to guard Baby Shaq.

Actual Western Conference Standings

1. Golden State Warriors (Predicted #1)

No surprise here right? For a while there it was touch and go since Draymond Greene blew up against KD and I was so happy. It all got fixed though, and they’re still the best team in a long time. Let’s see what happens next season because I think this is the end of the Warriors era of the NBA.

2. Denver Nuggets (Predicted #3)

I love the Nuggets, other than my team they’re my favorite team. I’m so happy that they’re doing so well and I’m so happy to see Nikola Jokic make an all star team and be embraced as a star player throughout the league. They’re a young team who ocassionally makes dumb mistakes which makes their matchup against the saavy Spurs a very interesting first round matchup. I loved this team and expected them to be good, but not THIS good so I’m very happy.

3. Portland Trailblazers (Predicted: N/A)

I didn’t think Dame had it in him. I didn’t think Podcaster CJ McCollum had it in him. I didn’t expect Nurkic to be so good, sadly he’s injured and I defintely didn’t expect Enes Kanter to be relevant again. This team is a pleasant surprise but just like Bucks, but even moreso, injuries have done a number on them. Still, I won’t sleep on Dame again.

4. Houston Rockets (Predicted #5)

James Harden is unstoppable. James Harden is maddening. He’s so impossibly boring to watch and then you look at the score and realize Harden has 30 points and there’s still two quarters left then you start paying attention and notice the one thing that makes this team so succesful. No one can stop James Harden.

PJ Tucker did pretty good, but the gulf between Harden and his teammates is the same as the gulf between me and the worst player in the NBA.

5. Utah Jazz (Predicted #2)

Look, I’m sorry.
I overreacted, and I didn’t know their fans were THAT racist.
Tricky Ricky gotta get back….

6. Oklahoma City Thunder (Predicted #4)

This team started really bad...then really good….then Russy was VERY bad...but then he ended up being VERY good. Such a confusing team. They were the 8 seed for a long time so 6 is great, but we missed out on a Rd1 Russy vs KD matchup. I’m incredibly uneasy about this team because they have highest variance. Jerami Grant is a stud though, and Steven Adams is underrated. Russy could probably dunk in a black hole and walk away. Paul George was an MVP level dude until he hurt his shoulder and that will go down as the big “What if…”

7. San Antonio Spurs (Predicted #8)

Look, I hate Pop.

8. Los Angeles Clippers (Predicted #7)

The Clippers and the Spurs swapped between my prediction and reality. It makes total sense since both of those teams are involved with men that have a blood pact with the basketball Gods. The Clips are super fun to watch though and they have the best bench in the league….still, Warriors in 4.

So let’s hope the Raptors can beat the Warriors in the finals! Enjoyt the playoffs!