I woke up this morning to a single text, “I’m not crying you’re fucking crying”. My response was an immediate “Did he announce?”. Without needing to ask I knew the context, watching the previous morning’s game I had a feeling we weren't going to see one of baseball’s greatest in a game on American soil again. Less than a day prior, after game one my Ichiro retirement announcement google searches proved fruitless, except to say that he was being quiet on the subject. Oh course he would wait until the last game was almost over to have the news break, that’s the kind of player Ichiro always carried himself as. No unnecessary retirement tour here, regardless of how fun that would’ve been. I invite you to an insight into my reactions as I watched the following clip on delay:

0:15 I’m glad I was ready for this otherwise I’d already be emotional

0:21 This is the coolest thing we’ll see all season

1:07 Oh Dee

1:17 Are the POC the only ones to take off their caps?

1:15 Yup

1:50 Oh no there’s Felix, how did I forget about Felix? I'm definitely not ready for this

1:55 Now I’m tearing up, these two have been through so much of their careers together

2:18 That was a very loud “arigato gozaimasu”

2:38 For real is she mic’d or something?

2:51 Kikuchi is living everyone young Japanese baseball players dream

2:53 Not many can say their debut was also their idol’s last game

2:56 Aw man he almost held it together how cute

3:13 Whoa

3:40 Aw Kikuchi

3:43 HOLY HELL Griffey IS there

3:45 This is so cool This is so cool This is so cool

“A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.”
-Jackie Robinson

This moment is a great example of the beauty of baseball and sports in general. Recently an otherwise intelligent baseball personality claimed baseball could go on without missing a beat if all it's players were replaced. He was trying to make a silly argument against collusion or something but I think this moment can definitively shut that nonsense down. This is so cool, how many times will we get moments like this? It’s hard to imagine the impact this single man has had on the world and watching this, in his home country, is a perfect illustration of that. Ichiro is the man. Ichiro forever.