Monday’s almost over and the week is about to barrel us over. I’ve been meaning to write about a lot of stuff but realistically I won’t be able to. Thus the braindump.

Ocean’s 8

I saw Ocean’s 8 on thursday, it was the first time I’d seen a movie on a thursday night since…. I don’t even remember when. It’s a fine movie. It’s an entertaining movie. Worth a matinee showing for sure or a non premium price. Definitely don’t see it in XD or whatever the equivalent in your theater chain of choice is.

The best performance of the entire movie is Anne Hathaway who steals every scene she’s in. She’s effortlessly funny playing an amalgam of the most annoying characteristics of the type of actors you see on those “73 questions with..” Vogue Youtube videos. Cate Blanchett is an intimidating badass, and Sandra Bullock didn’t shine as brightly as she could have. That’s my biggest complaint with this movie, Bullock is a great actress who could have been as electric on screen as Clooney’s Ocean but she never really got there. I’m sure there will be a sequel and I’m sure it will be better than this one. But it’s a fine movie.

Kids See Ghosts

Kanye West has been directly involved in three albums in the last three weeks. The last two have BARELY been albums since they’re each 7 songs. This release is technically a duet album featuring Kid Cudi and Kanye West, it’s his first duet album since Watch the Throne with Jay-Z and the two albums couldn’t be more different. Honestly I’ve only listened to it completely through once and it doesn’t get any better than the first song to me. The song is distinctly splut into two halves, the really great part is the second. The energy when Kanye comes in using his screams and loud scat like sounds as drums, it gets me so pumped up I don’t wanna listen to the rest of the album. It’s the most perfect earnest ridiculous overly confident Kanye West performance in any song in a long time.

Kanye West’s politics or public speaking or thoughts are idiotic.

His music though…

LeBron James

The Cavaliers got swept in the 2018 NBA finals in the most anti climactic fashion imaginable. The big question now is what will LeBron James do?

He’s undoubtedly the best player of all time, but he can only do so much. When facing the Golden State Warriors he came up against Four All-Stars one of which is arguably the greatest shooter of all time, another one of the best scorers of all time, and maybe the second best shooter of all time? The Cavaliers mean time only had LeBron and Kevin Love. To make matters worse apparently LeBron was playing with a broken hand which I’m not sure if I believe but in any case, something’s gotta change.

LeBron James despite being in his 15th season played the most minutes of his season and played arguably the best of his entire career. This should continue next year, he can and will make any time into a contender. So the question of ‘What team can be a contender?’ isn’t really relevant, because any team with LeBron is. The real hard question is ‘What team can BEAT the four all stars + Igoudala in Golden State” .

I think there’s three feasible options. Houston, Boston, Philadelphia. Out of those 3, Boston is the least probably only because of the the personal history LeBron has with the Celtics. Philadelphia is the most intriguing because they’re the youngest and the most talented. Houston ALMOST trumped the Warriors and adding LeBron would only draw them closer but they’re in the West and the hurdles in the west are too numerous.

The point of all of this is that I don’t know what’s gonna happen and anyone who says they do is full of it. One thing’s for sure LeBron will hopefully win another title so something exciting will happen with him and when he leaves the rest of the league’s free agents will move in the huge ripple he will cause.

Grasshoper Tacos

I had these over the weekend, and if eating insects is truly going to be the meal of the future we’re gonna be alright people.

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The flavor is like dried shrimp, and the texture is pretty great. Except for the occasional leg stuck in the teeth everything was pleasurable. Check ‘em out when you can.