Despite it’s best efforts to self impose obscurity through collusion and unnecessarily petty labor negotiation posturing I will not let the sport I love be forgotten. However with so little news there isn’t much to discuss so here's some new caps to fawn over. I love baseball caps almost as much as the sport itself and I'd be lying if I didn't say caps are about 32% of the draw to baseball for me. I, like every collector, am very finicky about my caps; only official team hats, only baseball teams obviously, and only fitted; no fashion style caps. If it’s not worn on a field in some way, shape or form it might as well be Mickey Mouse ears. This offseason I have seen some really great cap designs pop up/re-emerge and I wanted to give them their due attention.

First off, for their 25th anniversary the Colorado Rockies added some much needed color to the only logo their young franchise has ever known. Considering the team is now more compelling due to their unlikely success last season this is the perfect time for this change even if it’s just a Spring Training/Batting Practice cap. Until now, I have never rooted for the Rockies and their gear has never been particularly aesthetically pleasing to me considering I like sleeves and dislike the color purple. This hat has me about to break my streak of not buying BP caps because of how rad and unique it is. This new look is a rarity in sports, even one as regional as baseball, because promoting a team’s home state isn’t a priority for privately owned teams. However, with this cap the Rockies are embracing Colorado and there is something to be said of that kind of noble gesture. Normally for that kind of state pride you have to go deep in the heart ...of Texas.

Not Related to Life of Pi

The Detroit Tigers switched their primary logo to the old English D of the past in 2006. With their window of opportunity essentially shut the only thing left for fans to do is wait for all their elderly sluggers to age into dust and cling to literally any piece of news. In a merciful act, Detroit’s ownership and marketing has given them that in the form of this throwback logo for their new spring training/batting practice caps. Given their bleak outlook this is the perfect time for a switch to a modern, more detailed version of a logo that lasted almost four decades and included most of the teams recentish success. Fans can only hope this change helps to turn the page as they embark on what will likely be a long and very painful rebuild.

For a team whose primary color is my favorite I have been pretty low on Oakland Athletics gear and the few things that I do like are primarily in their secondary color of yellow. The kelly green cap they are rolling out for the Friday home games of this their 50th season in Oakland is the first A’s cap I am tempted to own. More than that, I need it. The shade of green is a throwback to the club’s most successful period in which they won three titles back to back. This hat is so simplistic and clean, it's a must have for any A’s fan or any poor schlub like me with an out of control cap habit. I only wish each cap came with a thick 70s mustache and aviators to round out the look.

This is one isn’t necessarily NEW but it may become the primary on-field cap for the Cleveland Indians starting in 2019 after the organization was finally worn down on the matter of retiring their offensive relic of a logo, Chief Wahoo. This change is long overdue and has been written about by many fine writers you should check out but for the purposes of this writing, the progress this change will symbolize when goes into effect is more important than any regular baseball cap. Many, myself included, wish this could have been done immediately and we didn’t have to suffer through the logo for one last season but we may all die before then so I included it here.

This hat goes against all of my normal cap rules but just look at it, it's glorious. I don’t think I would/could pull it off but that won’t stop me from appreciating the hell out of it. It is the perfect hat for a World Series parade, why not throw the damn trophy on all the player’s heads? I can't believe no one thought of this before. It also has the Astros logo very prominent in case you forgot the who won, my predictions certainly would like to. But the best and most important part of this is the bill. The metallic finish on the Texas orange color shines like copper and looks so ridiculously beautiful it’s insane to think this is meant for wearing and not praising. I have been hoping since November that the Astros would have the courage to make these their official caps this season, but as we are getting closer to Spring Training it appears those hopes have been ignored. I won’t own it until they close that repulsive snapback but if not for that one flaw this cap would be perfect.