By now you may have seen the trailer for the upcoming horror film Truth or Dare, where if you don’t abide by the rules of the game the demon curse, or whatever it is, will make your face look like it’s in permanent snapchat filter mode with a large mouth and you die. Now, I realize this may not be on par with other horror gems, but will I spend some hard earned cash to watch this? You bet your ass. Why? Because my love for horror films knows no bounds.

I can’t help myself. I am fully aware of the possibility of utter disappointment this film may bring, but there is hope that it can at the very least be fun. After my yearly horror film research, this one stood out as having the potential to be this years Happy Death Day, a surprisingly entertaining slasher film where college student Tree Gelbman gets murdered on her birthday and is forced to relive the day over and over until she figures out who her murderer is. Casting Jessica Rothe as main character Tree was gold. Her ability to make a really shallow and self centered individual as like able is she did deserves the praise. Had she not been as good as she was I doubt this film would have been as enjoyable. I am hoping that Truth or Dare and Lucy Hale’s role as Olivia can do the same. I could go on, but I digress. My obsession with the horror genre goes beyond the mere possibility of discovering a quality horror film, even though that is a part of it as they are few and far between.

The anticipation leading up to the film in hopes that it will be spooky is my favorite. Despite the chances for a genuine scare being slim to none, the hope never dwindles. The great thing about horror is its ability to entertain despite the quality of film. I was able to sit through an 8 hour horror movie marathon last October and had one hell of a time. The films ranged from interesting to awesome to plain awful, but I would not be able to do this with any other genre. The story can lack depth, the acting may be weak, but even a bad horror film can offer a better experience than a bad comedy or drama. It could very well be thanks to the anticipation prior to watching that helps, but one thing is for certain, horror films bring about a special experience. The rush of excitement that comes from a good scare is something the majority of people can share. Filmmakers can worm their way into your consciousness, build up tension and then strike that moment of terror with a jump scare or with some creepy moment that seems to burn itself into your brain. Using images and sound, the best horror directors are able to tap into a part of your brain that operates purely on instinct. That's a powerful effect. Which is why it is all the more significant when they get it right.

Truth or Dare will likely create a shared sense of laughter more so than it will some frights, but there are a few contenders that seem promising, Hereditary being my most anticipated for this year. The trailer itself makes me feel tense and uneasy, I can only imagine how the film in its entirety will unfold.

Although Hereditary is at the top of the list for must watch, there are two other films that I am keeping on my radar. A Quiet Place seems like it will be worth the watch. This will be John Krasinski’s directorial debut, and I am very curious to see what he’s come up with. The story follows a family of four who are forced to live in complete silence so they are able to hide away from a monster who hunts solely by sound.

I have been looking forward to Ghost Stories starring Martin Freeman for a while now, but it has yet to get a release date. The story follows paranormalist Phillip Goodman who uncovers three incidents of supernatural ghost sightings throughout England. These include a night watchman working in an old factory, a teenager whose car breaks down and a businessman who is awaiting the birth of his child.

A Quiet Place releases this week, and Truth or Dare next week so I will keep you all posted with both the good and not so good horror experiences the rest of the year may bring.