Watching the legend of Rhys Hoskins unfold over the past 26 games has been amazing. Pronounced Reese, like this guy, the recently promoted Phillies prospect has set a part of the baseball world on fire. His name sounds more like a citizen of middle-earth or Westeros than a real person. What he has accomplished seems like something out of Disney movie. He's stolen headlines in the middle of a possible 60+HR and 300 strikeout season. He plays on a team that is trying it's hardest to be the worst in the majors when there is one that might possibly be the best ever. It took him four games to get his first hit but he's done nothing but crush since then. 8 home runs in 8 days. Fastest player ever to hit 11 home runs. All of this while playing off his natural position of first base at the sport's highest level.

There has been a lot of rookie sensations this season and Rhys probably isn't the best, Aaron Judge should have run away with that title by now. He might not even be the best in the National League since Cody Bellinger exists. Rhys has had little time to make a huge impact and won't have the counting stats others have put up throughout the long season but he has been one of the most intriguing to watch in the short period of time he has been in the Majors. I normally pride myself on my prospect knowledge but this guy was completely off my radar, not anymore. I have always cautioned against getting too excited about small sample sizes like this, he hasn't even had 100 at-bats. However, I'm older now and this run is too fun be pessimistic.

The baseball season is long, stories like this are what make it fun to follow when the playoffs spots are almost all decided with a month still left to play and your team(Phillies fans) is already eliminated. Ultimately Hoskins may end up being a little more than a blurb in the history books so why not enjoy it while it lasts? In his own words it's kind of the beauty of the sport.

“I’m not an exciting player...But I think there are a lot of people in this game who have made impacts who aren’t the greatest athletes. I think that’s one thing that sets baseball apart from other sports.”