I listen to a lot of new music. Pretty much every anticipated and well reviewed release as well as sentimental favorites and albums with eye catching artwork go through my earholes every week. This leads to listening to a lot of crap sure but I also get to find a lot of stuff I normally wouldn't if I passively let algorithms bring music to me. Luckily for you I listen so you don't have to, what follows is my favorite stuff from the third quarter of 2019 and some tidbits. Here's the playlist:

Albums I added most songs into my rotation from:
YBN Cordae - The Lost Boy
Clairo - Immunity
Sheer Mag - A Distant Call
Foster the People - Pick U Up
Sampa the Great - The Return

What I was most surprised by this quarter was that three bands from my youth actually released pretty good albums. Sum 41, Strung Out and Blink 182’s releases were all killer proving my tastes have either always been good or are as trash as ever.

Imagine thinking rock is dead when bands like Sheer Mag are around.

This quarter was pretty solid throughout and there were a few of releases the last weekend I wanted to get to but ran out of time so they will be up for the 4th quarter playlist.

Haven’t had enough time to fully appreciate them but Brittany Howard’s Jaime and Microwave’s Death is a Warm Blanket will be in my rotation for a while.

Foster the People has quickly become a can’t miss.

No Country this week but if there was it would be The Highwomwen.

Not sure it it's a compliment of her or a criticism of the Smith men but Willow's self titled album showed she may be the best muscician in her family.


This is the extended rotating new music playlist these picks were culled from: