Every week on Screaming Line Out I will be sharing my favorite thing from around the baseball world

The Cleveland Indians are the talk of baseball for very good reasons:

They are led by the best manager sports has to offer.

They made a pitching machine sentient and turned him into their ace without anyone noticing.

But most importantly, they haven’t lost in 18 games and their run differential over that span is 121 to 32.They are showing no signs of weakness and may never lose again.

As easy as it would be to just showcase this historic run this week I’m not going to. I would like to bring more attention to my favorite part of the new class of the AL, Francisco Lindor. Narrowing it down even further I'm giving you a specific pitch, This one:

Did you see it? Here is a freeze frame

Yes, living up to his Player's Weekend nickname, he is grinning ear to ear as he hits a solo home run in the 6th inning to help his team keep their almost impossible win streak alive. Reportedly with the wrong bat even.

I have been on the Lindor bandwagon for awhile now.

Apart from a momentary loss of sanity during last year’s NLDS I have loved watching him play more than almost any other player(Non-Trout category). I was very happy to see him get the exposure he did during last year's World Series and the World Baseball Classic and can’t wait to see how he’ll amaze us come this October.

This is another example of baseball players having fun playing whether it’s no look tags or the last out of the world series. For me there very few things any better than watching otherworldly athletes enjoying sharing their incredible talents with us.