I’m back! Sorry that I was gone for such a long time. I had a great time at Walt Disney World. Some great moments! I met Kylo Ren, the picture is at the bottom of the artcle.

Anyways here are the comics for this week.

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Star Wars cover by David Marquez colors by Matthew Wilson

Star Wars #45 by Kieron Gillen Art by Salvador Larroca

I don’t absorb a lot Star Wars media. I watch the movies. The shows (I haven’t finished Star Wars: Rebels. Sorry Joseph.) I do little else of the extended universe. I played battlefront 2, but I gave up on the story because it was very predictable. I haven’t read that many Star Wars comics because they aren’t as compelling as their movie counterparts.

I wasn’t completely wrong.

Mutiny at Mon Cala continues in this week’s issue. The issue involves a high stake mission, Leia being a politician, and Luke getting drunk on milk. Gillen has always has been able to capture my attention with some his previous works. He captures the feel of the movies with great action pieces. The dialogue sounds like them. Which is good because you know you want the characters to sound like them. I had some issues with how Mon Mothma sounded though. I don’t know maybe because she didn’t talk as much in some of the movies. I could be wrong though. One of the highlights of this book, is that we are getting an extended look on the Mon Calamari and the Mon Cala lore.

Now for the art, I think this is where I had the most trouble with. The art is good and it flows great but the realism of the characters is a bit much. Now I know I said I liked that the characters sounded like them but it’s comics and it shouldn’t look to much like them. It breaks from the fantasy of the comic book. I know its weird to say that but it does bother me alot. Maybe of the cartooning was not as realistic i would have enjoyed it.

Overall it’s enjoyable book that has great easter eggs.

Death Bed Cover by Rily Rossmo colors by Ivan Plascenia

Deathbed #2 By Joshua Williamson Art by Riley Rossmo

I’m starting to think that Death Bed is becoming one of my favorite books for 2018. Yes we are barely on issue two and its March. This is absolutely a book for adults. From orgies to flying penes. It’s just a fun read.

As we were introduced to Luna in the previous issue, a man with a unheard legacy recruits Val as his ghostwriter. Luna proves to be a madman as he is dragging Val to each of his lovers and enemies of his past. All of them turn out to be killed. The story takes us to Margaret Mars funeral,one of Luna's past lovers. The funeral, where most the issue takes place, we recieve some great exposition on Luna in this issue. Luna, a self-centered man, wants his story to heard. He interupts a Margaret Mar's funeral to tell a cliched story that died with her. As no one has heard of him or his story, it angers him. Williamson does a hell of a job leading you to each character’s emotions in this funeral.

Again Riley Rossmo is treat to see on his book. His art just flies out of the page. Along with Williamson’s script, I feel, it’s a match made in heaven.

The story is a bit all over the place but in context with the other things that are happening in the story, it makes sense. I’m sure if you sit next to me on the bus or a coffee shop, you can hear me say “what the hell is going on?” I think this is all intentional and the pay off will be great.

Go Go Power Rangers Cover by Dan Mora

Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers #8 by Ryan Parrott art by Dan Mora

I try not to read things that have heavy nostalgia for me. I try to stay away from it. Saban's Go Go Power Ranger is that book I stayed away from. The book shows the secret lives of the original Power Rangers.

The premise sounds great. It’s a jumping on point. It shouldn’t be harmless. Nostalgia step aside and lets review this baby! Right!

Marvel can learn a thing or two from Boom, especially with their Star Wars properties. Not everything has to be canon. What happen to having fun? This is where Go Go Power Rangers is definitely doing. As I mentioned before this is a perfect jumping on point for their event “Shattered Grid.” The premise is this, Lord Drakkon is trying to destroy the original Power Rangers and their timeline. I mean this is comics after all and I’m all for it.

The first thing that Parrott does is getting lore straighten out with Rita and Goldar. This has to be one of the coolest introductions to a book I’ve seen in a long time. Parrott doesn’t shy away that this a continuing story and he holds your hand to know where you are. Also this is Power Rangers and you don’t need to know much of the story. I was lost towards the end of this bookbut with the context that the characters give I was able to follow along.

The art by Dan Mora, I don’t even know where to begin. Each character is recognizable without the use of realistic art. Even some of their poses seems to be ripped off of the show. Mora is a remarkable artist and he should be working on the big two to get more exposure. The pacing he uses in some panels is great. I’m just amazed by it.

I’m sure nostalgia is pumping through my veins at this very moment. It’s for sure one of the best reads I’ve read this month. This was pure fun. If I had to choose a definite pick for this week it would be this book.

Thor Variant Cover by Artgerm

Mighty Thor #705 by Jason Aaron art by Russell Dauterman

For three and half years, we have received some of the greatest Thor stories we will ever read. Jason Aaron will go up with some of the best Thor writers out there. The Death of Thor storyline is probably one of the hardest reads I have ever done.

In this arc, we see Jane Foster coming to terms with her mortality. Mjolnir is taking away her life force. (Oh spoiler alert, Jane Foster is Thor in case you didn’t know that.) If she continues to wield the hammer, well Jane Foster will die. In the issues proceeding this one, You see her struggle with the choice to become Thor once again. Her close friends warn her of the dangers. It was sad seeing these heroes warn her of this danger. Meanwhile, Unworthy Thor is leading the charge to save Asgardia for impending doom. After many failed attempts, Jane chooses her destiny and decides to save Asgardia.

Jason Aaron does a great job of intersecting Jane Foster’s past and present to show her feelings and decision of what will happen next. I’m not sure if Aaron lost some one to cancer, but the words that come out of the characters have heart and there’s a somber pause when you read the words. Of course the action breaks any of those quiet moments. The juxtaposition of the somber and action pieces fit the tone of the book so well. While the action pieces are happening you can not feel like you want to be back in the hospital with Jane and vice versa. This tale is heavy and it's coming to a close.

The art by Dauterman is fine choice for this arc. His characters shows great acting. There’s a page that shows Jane Foster slapping Thor. You see both their reaction where Thor is worried about Jane’s hand and Jane’s mad face at Thor. Then on the action pieces shows how painful it is to be attacked by the Mangog. The paneling is great as well. Just take look at the page below this paragraph.

Odinson says goodbye to Jane Foster

Whatever happens next in the thor series I can not wait. I don’t think anything will top these last three years but I could be wrong.

Well that’s it for these weeks reads. I know I was gone for a week but if you didn’t read Mister Miracle last week please add that to your stacks!! Also here is a picture of me sizing up Kylo Ren.

That's me sizing up Kylo Ren