Ferris bueller once said, “life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” What does this quote have to do with comics? Nothing.

It's a great quote.

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Shade-the-changing-woman by Becky Cloonan

Shade The Changing Woman #1 by Cecil Castellucci Art by Marley Zarcone backup story by Cecil Castelucci Art by Jamie Coe

When Shade the Changing Girl came out from Gerward Way’s Young Animal imprint I completely dismissed it. The original series was not grabbing me. Boy did I make a huge mistake. I forget that sometimes the first issue is not the most impressive.

First thing I wanna make note of is that book is taking place after Young Animal’s first ever crossover, Milk Wars. This crossover I skipped because of the price point. (Comic books should not be 5 dollars if less than 80 pages.) The new series takes place a couple of years later, Loma Shade is trying to get comfortable in her new permanent skin.

She is having an existential crisis. I mean we all go through it once in a while. Trying to find the meaning of life after a brush with death or the loss of a loved one, or simply trying to figure yourself out. Loma is having all of this as she is trying to cope that her body has also changed. Loma herself has grown from her teenage body to a full grown woman.

Castellucci writes Loma Shade’s existential crisis kinda like a poem. There’s pauses on there where it breaks to get the low down from the other characters and it flows perfectly. Coming in new to the book, it holds your hand enough to understand the characters past and present. The book doesn't have action, but it doesn’t need it. The prose does the job very well and I keep thinking about it as i’m writing about this book.

Art done by Zarcone Colors By Kelly Fitzpatrick

Marley Zarcone does one helluva a job helping the prose stand out. Her art work along with Kelly Fitzpatrick make the pages pop up when Loma is speaking Rac Shade. The panels and the full pages just work and I feel Loma’s pain and try to find meaning in her new life. Not many comics make me feel like I understand one’s character’s pain. This female trio does a great job in making me feel like i need to figure out my life as well.

If you’re a fan of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman then this is a great suggestion for you to read, and if I had to pick a favorite for the week this is it.

The Spider King cover by Simone D'Armini

The Spider King #1 by Josh Vann art by Simone D’armini

You know sometimes i like to mix my food together to get great flavors. Like nutella and strawberries or a lone star beer with orange juice. It’s different and exciting for the taste buds. Some time ago we received Cowboys vs Aliens, a mix of genres. While the comic received great acclaim and the movie didn’t, you can see how sometimes mixing genres is a huge risk. For Spider King it pays off.

The story takes place during the Viking Age, where war is at an all time high and loss comes very often. Hrolf , the main character, comes into play after his father the king takes an arrow to the neck. After his passing the main character takes the throne, after many years of civil war, he is now a grown man with a small army. His inexperience is show in his first battle that we see against his uncle Aarek, the wolf king.

So when does the genre mixing happen? Well shortly after that battle we see that two different alien ships crash land on to earth and we get two different out comes that play out by the characters. I didn’t see the twist until it was there. Science fiction and Viking Age is something that we definitely don’t see.

I really enjoy the this first chapter by Vann and the art by D’armini definitely helped it. The art style did remind me of that old ABC saturday morning cartoon, Teacher’s Pet. Great art nonetheless. I can’t wait to see what the next chapter brings.

Gideon Falls cover By Andrea Sorrentino Colors by Dave Stewart

Gideon Falls #1 by Jeff Lemire Art by Andrea Sorrentino

I mentioned last week that I was on a Jeff Lemire kick. Here I am again talking about a new book that he is writing. He has has teamed up with his Old Man Logan artist Andrea Sorrentino. Going to be honest, I didn’t have any clue what to expect from the book as I didn’t read the previews. I was excited to read this team’s new book.

This is another genre bending book from Lemire where you try to figure out if its a mystery, psychological horror or a thriller. The book starts disorienting you and it hands you what might be clues by having them colored red. The coloring by Dave stewart helps you guide along the story that Lemire and Sorrentino have created. What do a catholic priest and a garbage collector have in common, that’s a mystery that is slowly going to unravel. In many ways it reminded me of True Detective’s first season, in pacing and how the story is being presented.

Where I am used to seeing Sorrentino’s art, this time around it was kind of jarring. Everything in his art style was completely different from what I expected, but it made me respect it more. He doesn't use “loud” panels, but instead uses his panels in a cinematic way, as compared to his Marvel books.

I don’t know what I can say about Jeff Lemire’s writing that I haven’t said before but writing more mystery is the kind of work I want to see more of.

Oblivion Song cover by Lorenzo De Felici

Oblivion song #1 by Robert Kirkman Art by Lorenzo De Felici

I don’t think I was excited for this book when it came out and I’m still not exciting after sleeping on it. When a Robert Kirkman book comes out you tend to pay attention You know because of his small indie title The Walking Dead.

Coming into this book, I wasn't aware what I was coming into to. Hell I completely forgot that this book was coming out if it wasn’t for the previews at my local comic book store. Kirkman’s words didn’t really move me. If it wasn’t for De Felici’s art, I think I would have put the book down after the fourth page.

If your a fan of Kirkman’s stuff or just tired of reading The Walking Dead, this is a book for you. This book just wasn’t for me and that’s okay.

Next week I won't be able to give the recommend books as I'll be traveling. I'll be traveling to the land of enchantment. Yes, that's right I'm going to Disney World.

Chance the Rapper and Mickey Mouse looking fly as hell