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The Final Table

Nowadays Netflix seems to have as many food shows as it does middle of the road movies. There’s Chef’s Table, Ugly Delicious, Somebody Feed Phil, Cooked, Salt Fat Acid Heat. Unlike the movies though I genuinely love them all, well almost all of them. I really couldn’t get behind Nailed It!. Something about how the contestants were set up for failure and didn’t really have enough expertise or anything to fulfill the challenges set before them really rubbed me the wrong way. I know the point of the show can argued is that it’s ok to not be perfect and in fact no one is perfect, but I prefer my food escapism to be about really good delicious things than seeing someone just like me do the kind of job I would do. I have plenty of that in my life.

Over the holidays I ran into The Final Table and initially didn’t watch it because I expected Netflix to pull another Nailed It! and showcase failure, but more and more people in my world kept on saying it was a good show. Once I knew Mexican Chef Enrique Olvera came out in it that was it, I had to watch.

Final Table is great, the format is similar to any cooking competition you’ve seen before. A “trip around the world” with each episode being set in a country whose cuisine will be highlighted. Teams of 2, one dish whose theme is based on the country, then the bottom three go into a “Final plate challenge” that’s set by a culinary legend of the country that must use one ingredient he/she chooses. The difference is that almost every one of the 24 chefs in this competition is incredibly talented. They create some gorgeous looking and delicious sounding plates, and they have to because they’re trying to impress the likes of Enrique Olvera, or Grant Achatz. Each of the chefs also has a unique background and come from all over the world so each create unique dishes reflecting their backgrounds and histories. I just ate it all up.

A great byproduct of this show is that many of the contestants have FIRE Instagram feeds. I’m a big fan of Food Instagram, It’s right ahead of Car Instagram and Shoe Instagram for me. Also I was very proud of how many of the Chefs communicated between themselves in Spanish and had Latinx backgrounds, made me feel like we Brown folks really do know food better.

Watch it, love it, follow them on instagram.



Since the announcement of their new promotion All Elite Wrestling at midnight on New Year's Eve, brothers Matt and Nick Jackson and their co executive V.P. Cody Rhodes have captured my complete attention. Long rumored to be in the works the confirmed existence of the new promotion brought with it promise and hope for all wrestling fans. The three of them may be mostly known by intense pro wrestling fans now but there is strong chance that will change very soon.

On Tuesday in a pyrotechnic filled press conference held minutes away from WWE's weekly show Smackdown live!, AEW's first roster moves were announced. The founder's Ring of Honor/NJPW stable mate Adam Paige, former WWE king of the Cruiserweights PAC(Neville) and greatest of all time candidate Chris Jericho were among the impressive first wave.

The whole thing could crumble within a year but based on Jericho's comments and the rumored acquisition of the best wrestler on the planet, Kenny Omega, the likelihood of that is shrinking by the day. Rivalries are good for everyone, iron sharpens iron, the last time the WWE had a competititor with this much potential it led to the best era sports entertainment has ever had. We will not need to wait much longer as their first major event is slotted for May 25th and that card is only going to get more stacked.

Drink It In Maaaaaaaaan