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Every month the contributors to The Irrelevant will share the one thing we've been into this week. It can be a movie, a book, a song, an album, some youtube video, a random meme, or twitter user, anything that's been taking up more space in our mind than it should. We want to share this with you because we like sharing things we're into.


The Rewatchables

Thank you The Ringer and Bill Simmons for my new podcast obsession. I can not stop binging all of the episodes I’ve missed since the podcast first aired in August of last year. The Rewatchables is often hosted by the already mentioned Bill Simmons, and is almost always joined by the hilarious Sean Fennessy, Shea Serrano, Chris Ryan or a slew of people from The Ringer universe. It discusses the films you can’t stop watching. Think of those films you stumble across while channel surfing, and even though it’s halfway done, you can’t look away; that’s what they cover.

The format that they present this in is so much fun, and when they discuss it feels similar to how my friends and I talk film. Or at least I’d like to think we're as cool as these guys. It starts by giving a synopsis of the film and dive into the details by covering different categories. Most rewatchable scene, half assed internet research, most quotable line, casting what ifs, what’s aged the best, picking nits, unanswerable questions, and my favorite being “would this movie be better or worse if Danny Trejo was in this?” They bring up some good questions and interesting talking points and do it in the least pretentious way possible. Personally, not all the films they’ve covered am I a fan of, but despite not enjoying the movie itself, listening to these guys talk about it is still very entertaining. It is especially gratifying to go back and watch a film after you’ve listened to its Rewatchable episode because now you are looking out for those half assed researched fun facts. That’s what makes the podcast great, it not only makes you want to rewatch the films you love, but also the ones you’re “meh” about.

If you enjoy film, if you enjoy talking about film, you will enjoy this podcast.
Give it a listen (https://www.theringer.com/the-rewatchables) then give me a holler so that we can discuss!


Creed II Trailer

Creed is one of my favorite movies of the last five years and I was initially uneasy about the sequel. Why mess with something that was perfect? Why potentially ruin it? Ryan Coogler isn't coming back? Aw man it's definitely ruined.

Then, I saw the first trailer and I got a LIIIIIITLE bit excited back in June. Being completely honest though I forgot about it, there were so many good movies coming out this fall that Creed II kind of fell to the wayside but this second trailer is not only a fantastic trailer that got me so excited I don't think a trailer has made me THIS excited for a movie ever before.

There's a couple of moments that just got me all kinds of pumped, including the younger Drago being an absolute beast and Rocky saying "He broke things in me that ain't ever been fixed.." but the ABSOULTE best momment is at 1:30 when DMX's "Who We Be" drops perfectly. The first time I heard it I was at work but in my mind I ripped my shirt off and started jumping up and down.

I've seriously watched this trailer about 3,215 times.


National League Playoffs

I know I write about baseball a lot in this spot but this is the final weekend of the regular season and things are going crazy. Coming into 2018 many people around the game thought this would be a boring regular season with so many teams clearly rebuilding and so few that were obvious powerhouses. Just a week ago it appeared that presumption may end up coming true, other than the Nationals obviously, but in the days since the likelihood of the National League coming down to the last game of the season has exponentially increased.

The American League is all but settled, sure the A’s could end up hosting instead of traveling to the Wild Card game but who cares. We were all prepared to go into the postseason with the Cubs and Dodgers the respective champions of their divisions yet here we are, Colorado is in first and Milwaukee only a half game out. With the expansion of the second wild card, the emphasis on winning a division has never been more important and MLB could not have crafted a more compelling situation. The added effect of all games on the last day of the season has me wanting to stay home all weekend with at least 2 games on at a time. The David vs. Goliath aspect of these races considering their payroll and media market disparities is what every sports fan desires. I legitimately do not know who is going to make it and it’s the most excited I’ve been for baseball since opening day.