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The Magic of Shohei

I’ve been doing this thing recently were I actually work and don’t spend all day dreading life because of Twitter.com. However yesterday I had some down time and refreshed my feed only to be slapped in the face by the awful news of the day, not some cowardly faux “coupe” in the White House or sham supreme court hearings. No this was way worse, it was revealed the first official player of The Irrelevant, Shohei Otani, had a tear in his elbow and had been recommended to undergo Tommy John surgery. Life is pain and the world continues to deprive us of good things for no reason at all.

Or so we thought.

After that news broke late Wednesday afternoon Otani was still in the lineup for the Angels at DH. WHAT? Normally when TJ is recommended a pitcher we love goes away for around a year and some never really come back but Shohei has shown us he is anything but normal. He accepted the disappointing news, decided he could still help out his team and he did so by putting on a hitting clinic.

Elbow torn? Use discipline to work a walk.
Getting on base not enough? Leg out a single and then steal a base.
Legs tired from all that running? Hit it where they ain’t. TWICE.

His performance last night has him tied for most HR for a Japanese Rookie and none of those guys could throw 50 big league innings with 10 K/9, well maybe Ichiro. At some point I’m going to stop being surprise by Otani’s feats but it’s not this week. Sure I’m still bummed we’re only going to get half of him next season but his abilities as a two way player mean we still get marvel at Shohei’s baseball talent through his recovery process and I can not be more psyched to see him continue to hit dingers with a dead guys ligament in his arm.


Football is back

I know.

The league's owners are racist douchebags, the commisioner is a piece of crap. The fans are some of the most stupid Nike logo cutting off their socks people you'll ever meet. Players are getting brain damage and uncontrollably crying on the field week after week. Players are getting away with domestic and sexual abuse but unable to get a job for protesting something they believe in. Women are exploited on the sidelines. Owners are holding cities hostage to the tune of billions of dollars and are using taxpayer money to build their stadiums. We don't know what a catch is. We don't know what a tackle is. We don't know what a hold is.

And yet I can't look away.

I feel bad about it, but Football is back and I will watch it...until my team gets beat by the Browns twice, but that's not gonna happen because The Bengals are winning it all babybeee.