It's about that time.

Every month the contributors to The Irrelevant will share the one thing we've been into this week. It can be a movie, a book, a song, an album, some youtube video, a random meme, or twitter user, anything that's been taking up more space in our mind than it should. We want to share this with you because we like sharing things we're into.



I was introduced to this through a terrible place I can't help but keep returning to, Twitter moments. Being somewhat of cow hipster; my 12 year old dog is cow colored and my son has been in multiple cow print car seats since he was born, I had to check it out. I'm not sure the amount of swearing or animated nudity we want to allow on this site so I wont post the video but it can be found here NSFW warning , for real this isnt one of those how bad can it be things dont open it if your work cares about these things.

The video below is a reinactment of my first experience listening to this magical track.


You Don't Mess With Texas

You don’t mess with Texas and you don’t mess with LeeAnne Locken. The Real Housewives of Dallas premiered this week and that means more of my personal favorite “villain”. Since the first season she has butted heads with just about everyone on the show, but just because she has rage issues, slaps moving trolleys and has held the sharp edge of a broken glass at someone doesn’t mean we should jump to calling her a “villain”. Everyone has a backstory and LeeAnne has had a hell of a story that involves abuse and trauma. LeeAnne has definitely been criticized for using her past experiences as an excuse for her scary behavior, but I don’t know what it is about her or myself that makes me root for her. Although I do enjoy when Brandi and Stephanie play pranks on her, like breaking into her hotel room by impersonating her, I enjoy it more when she’s getting along with everyone. You can tell she’s a fiercely loyal friend when we were introduced to her BFF D’Andra (the one with the makeup company and hot husband) and saw a different side of LeeAnne that wasn’t completely antagonistic and she is deeply immersed in charity work so she can’t be all that bad.

This season she’s still working on bettering herself and we see her apologizing for bringing up a rumor about “fellow” housewife Cary’s husband, as well as for threatening said housewife with her hands made of knives. This moment was bone-chilling, but in her defense she was drugged up before her surgery and possibly unaware she was still being recorded. I know, I know she still shouldn’t be saying awful things like that, but she owns it, baby.

The thing about The Real Housewives of Dallas compared to the other franchises is that there is real drama, but also a light heartedness to it because the women are so genuine and serious about having a good time and baring it all.



The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

I don’t even know what to call this movie shorthand, so I’m just gonna call it Guernsey.

Based on a 2008 novel of the same name,Guernsey is a Netflix movie starring Lily James of Baby Driver, Cinderella, and Downton Abbey fame as a writer by the name of Juliet Ashton. Set in post World War 2 Britain, Ashton begins corresponding with a members of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society who shares their experiences of living Nazi Occupied Guernsey, which is an island in the English Channel actually closer to France, during the war. As she corresponds more and more she gets the idea that this would make for a great story to be written so she decides to visit the Island and that’s where things get interesting.

This movie deals with the feelings of people who were under Nazi occupation immediately following the war. While also talking about the power of books to serve as escapism and refuge in traumatic situations, also the power of them to be shared experiences. It also addresses the difficulties in separating the individual from a larger entity and what happens when a government fails its people. The situation that these people were in and the trauma that happened after is unlike anything I had seen in any other movie, even the island itself I had no idea existed until I watched this movie.

It’s not just a serious movie however, there’s a number of Downton Abbey alums in this show and the movie has that feeling about it. Lily James continues her streak of being a beam of light in every movie she’s in and the people and island of Guernsey are beautiful in their own right. There’s a sense deep of joy that comes out when you see these people interact in their Literary Society that makes me want to join a book club, if only book clubs in real life were like that. I hate that this is marketed as a straight up love story because it's so much more than that and the male/female love part of it is the weakest part, while the greater love of a group of people for one another is much more important.

I could talk about this movie so much more since it was such a nice surprise but I'll just say that as far as Netflix movies goes this is one of the best ones and it’s well worth watching. You’ll have your heart warmed up and will no doubt drop a couple of “oh snaps” when stuff really goes down.