Every week (just about) the contributors to The Irrelevant will share the one thing we've been into this week. It can be a movie, a book, a song, an album, some youtube video, a random meme, or twitter user, anything that's been taking up more space in our mind than it should. We want to share this with you because we like sharing things we're into. Also these are perfect things that you can consume over the weekend, so here they are:


Baseball's Back!

It has been a long, dark winter exacerbated by mounting labor relations that may put the sport in peril but baseball is finally back. Pitchers and catchers reported to spring training on the 13th and first workouts started on the 14th. Spring training has become somewhat of a frivolous ceremony as baseball players these days, like all athletes, are constantly training in order to stay at their elite level. Nevertheless, it is the first milestone on the road back to baseball. The next two weeks are going to be chocked full of “best shape of my life” and reworked mechanic reports that offer fans the exact type of hope they need at this time of year. There will be a few unflattering photos of players that drive bloglines about whether so and so is fat or not. There will be bunting drills. Normally I hate bunting with an unbridled passion, but not in spring training. During spring I love these drills because they mean more baseball is on the way. There will be awesome pictures coming out of camps like the one below, from a few years back, that can make any fan smile.

This year the most intriguing storyline is the MLB Players Association having to set up its own training facility for the 100+ free agents that have yet to be signed because teams decided they longer want to win. We will also get to see the Japanese Babe Ruth Shohei Otani for the first time in action against the best talent in the world. The young and intriguing Brewers will be fun to keep tabs on and we’ll get our first glimpse at the revitalized “murderers row” lineup from the Bronx. One Timothy Leeroy Lincecum will be having a showcase trying to attempt to get back to the majors and baseball is ALWAYS better with Tim Lincecum. I apologize this derailed to a 3 year old sugar rush of stating fun spring things but baseball is back and the world is a little bit better when it is being played.



I love Formula 1. I feel like more people should be into it because there's something in it for everyone. Whether it's marvelling at the engineering displayed with each machine, the personality of the drivers, the amazing tracks and world locations. It's just great.

If you have no idea what Formula 1 is all about GRAND PRIX Driver on Amazon Prime is a great intro to what makes this sport so compelling. The four episode series gives the viewer an inside look into the McLaren-Honda's start to last year's season. We get to see everything that it takes to put together a Formula 1 car. The biggest difference between Formula 1 and every other racing series is that each team has to build a car from scratch every year, and they all have the most cutting edge technology in them.

Also of note is the team that is featured in this series. McLaren is one of the traditional powerhouses of the sport and last year was their absolute worst year. Formula 1 is super secretive so a top team allowing a documentary crew to film them at their absolute bottom is pretty exceptional. It'd be like the Yankees allowing a documentary crew in when they're at their worst, or the Pittsburgh Steelers, THAT level.

It's on Amazon Prime and you should check it out!


Stassi's Birthday

If you love indulging in garbage reality TV, but you also have some high standards then you probably watch Vanderpump Rules. You read that correctly, high standards because even the New York Times wants you to watch this show. It is that magical time of the season where we get to celebrate everyone’s favorite problematic (at the very least if you follow her social media accounts) cast member, Stassi Schroeder’s birthday. Its an annual tradition that this garbage show would produce a mess of a celebratory episode and everyone loves it! There are West Hollywood Tour Spots that are inspired by the show and many people celebrate their own birthdays based off of the bratty starlet’s trips. This special time of the year happens to air around my own birthday this season and yes I have unapologetically forced my friends to do my bidding on my special day while we were in Las Vegas as a call back to the first season. Fortunately the night did not end with my husband shirtless trying to fight another dude in the parking lot after his best friend spilled beer on my head. That actually did happen in the first season and would set the tone for many birthdays to come.

When Stassi celebrated her 25th birthday in Mexico it was a golden episode where we, the viewers, were actually gifted with so many memorable moments including one of Tom Schwartz dumping beer on a girl’s head again except this time it was on his girlfriend which also reveals another dark side to Vanderpump Rules. Meanwhile Stassi is whining that it’s her birthday and what she says go and we should be so lucky she was born to be experiencing such a trip. With every high though there is a low we have to endure like the time Stassi returned from New York City recently matured and having a low key dinner with friends sipping wine. Yawn.

This year her birthday is back with a vengeance! This season of Vanderpump Rules has gotten back to its roots that loyal viewers have missed since having to suffer through 2 wedding storylines and not because we hate love. We would just rather not have to be subjected to contrived plots when we could have organic temper tantrums that a 29 year old should most certainly not be having just to feel better about ourselves. Or maybe to vicariously live as a slutty murder victim at a theme party based around serial killers and haunted houses. Yes, it is a joyous time of year and has personally served as a kick off for my birthday celebrations this time around, but I will try and restrain myself as to not offend my closest friends too much and there will most likely not be any skinny dipping.