Every week the contributors to The Irrelevant will share the one thing we've been into this week. It can be a movie, a book, a song, an album, some youtube video, a random meme, or twitter user, anything that's been taking up more space in our mind than it should. We want to share this with you because we like sharing things we're into. Also these are perfect things that you can consume over the weekend, so here they are:


People Watching

I have a confession to make….I like being alone. Now I’m not saying I dislike being around people, quite the contrary, I just enjoy going out and about by myself. When I first started doing this I would go out to a restaurant, park or what-have-you and stare at my phone for much of the time I was out. As I got more and more comfortable being alone, I started to “people watch” when I was out. I would just sit at a small table at a restaurant or park bench and see what was “currently playing”. After a few times of doing this I started picking up on subtle mannerisms that could easily tell me what was happening at that particular table, without me having to eavesdrop or know anything about them. I saw how people interacted in different situations depending on who they’re with. From time to time, I guess people would see me alone and come over and strike up a conversation. This happens a lot with older people, they can pretty much talk about anything. Some of the most insightful conversations I’ve had lately have come from these “solo-dinners”. Next time you’re home alone with nothing to do, turn off your phone, treat yourself to a nice dinner and enjoy the peace and quiet. You might pick up a thing or two.



I almost don't have enough time to write this because my next round is coming up but I can not stop playing Epic’s MOBA Paragon. I’ve played a few other MOBAs but the amount of time they took to really understand and the learning curves were always too steep for me. That changed with this one. To the detriment of my wife’s opinion of me, I can not put it down. This is the most I’ve played a game since my son was born. It is free to play so anyone with a PS4 or PC has access and even cross play so PC owners can flaunt their superiority. It is still kind of buggy because it is in beta but rarely if ever does a glitch have a major effect on the outcome of matches at the moment. The card system is a little tough to grasp for some but that is going away in it’s current incarnation on August 8th anyway to be replaced with a simpler one. The heroes are all pretty diverse and mostly balanced in my experience and their back stories are kind of cool to if you’re into video game lore. My favorites to play so far have been Gideon, Khaimera and Revenant. Gideon and Greystone, are my suggestions for a newbies first entering the fray. GTG GL/HF GG newbs

Here’s just one moment that had me screaming and I won this exchange


Ok, I realize I keep bringing IT up, but honestly I just want for you all to come with me on this journey of excitement! The “official” trailer was dropped Thursday morning and instantly watched it about ten times in a row. I am sure that by the time you all read this, it will have been at least another ten more. I know, I know, I have a problem, but take a look for yourselves:

I love how they built excitement up to this trailer with the first two, and I really hope that they don’t release anymore after this. They revealed just the right amount to intrigue and entice, without giving too much away. The use of the water dripping noise in the beginning up until when Bill comes across the wet footsteps then gradually faints out was brilliant. Along with how they use Gerogie’s float chant as a rhythmic score towards the end was so good.

From the look of it, it is going to be a beautifully shot film. The wide shots of Derry not only take you in, but the trailer better represents how messed up the people in this town are. Bill Skarsgard looks so unbelievably creepy and we get to see a whole lot more of him this time around. Most importantly we finally get to hear the dancing clown speak! I didn’t know how to feel about the voice the first time around, but it has grown on me. I’m looking forward to hearing more of when he terrorizes the Losers. I’ve said it before, but Steven Weber has really set the bar high. Out of everything I was hoping to see, hearing him speak was first on the list. If not a close second to hearing Bill stutter, which he didn’t. I’m a little upset about that, but not so much so that it tainted my excitement. Overall I am impressed. From the tiny floating balloon in the New Line Cinema shot to the very cool Tim Curry Pennywise clown in the end shot. Come with me, and you’ll float too.


All the Books! Podcast by BookRiot


So I’m pretty shamefully green when it comes to the whole podcast thing. Up until the last six months or so, I never listened, discussed, or even thought about browsing that ole Podcast App on my phone. It simply sat, never getting the chance to live up to its full potential. Now, however, I’ve fully become a “podcast person” as I would define it. I look forward to my new episodes, I get excited for long drives when I’ve got plenty of material to blaze through, I browse the store searching for a new topic or host that will enthrall me and make me feel like a friend through the microphone. And this week? This week I discovered BookRiot’s “All the Books!”.

The simple reason I love this podcast is the sheer variety of the books recommended and mentioned. I have a terrible habit of sticking to the same genres of books when I’m searching for something new to read. But this week I’ve already expanded my Goodreads horizons with a dozen titles I was gently enticed into looking up. Lord knows I’ll never actually get to all the books on my exponentially growing list, but I do love to dream.

If you can never decide what to read next or you need to shake things up in your library like me, I’d recommend it. Any bookworm will at least appreciate the adoration of books that shines through every minute of this podcast.


La Ruta de La Garnacha

This week I spent a lot of times talking about tacos and all manner of "street food". Partly because of the piece I wrote on monday and partly because I really like to talk about it. It's in one of those conversations that one of my friends sent me a video from this channel and I became instantly hooked. "La Ruta de la Garnacha" roughly translates to "The Street Food Route" and it's a Mexican Youtube channel hosted by a guy named Lalo Villar and he travels all around Mexico and eats some of the best street food imaginable. I'm talking tacos, tortas, gorditas, menudo, cabrito, huaraches, tamales and just about every other kind of delicious street food you can imagine.

The best thing about this channel is that it's authentic people and authentic food. I highly doubt any of these places are zagat rated, but they're definitely popular and the REAL people know about them. This channel and the host are also not at all hipster, there's no "look at me being real I'm a badass" Bourdain like vibe in the channel. He's eating in stands and in tiny places where only locals know. It's great.

Fair Warning, the channel IS in Spanish. So turn on captions? I mean, even if you don't know Spanish you should watch if only to see some of the most delicious food you've ever seen...also you should probably learn spanish.