Every week the contributors to The Irrelevant will share the one thing we've been into this week. It can be a movie, a book, a song, an album, some youtube video, a random meme, or twitter user, anything that's been taking up more space in our mind than it should. We want to share this with you because we like sharing things we're into. Also these are perfect things that you can consume over the weekend, so here they are:


Samurai Jack

Since first time I watched Gendy Tartakovsky’s samurai masterpiece 16 years ago I instantly fell in love. I wanted to watch season 5 as it premiered earlier this year and enjoy the final chapter of the saga that captivated my teenage years. However, things came up and rather than kill myself through lack of sleep for a few weeks I put it off. I restarted the series this week and am falling in love all over again.

This was technically my first anime so I may have an affinity for this show most do not but I believe if this show doesn't hold a special place in your heart you simply haven't seen it. The art is simplistic and beautiful. The storytelling from episode to episode is incredible and almost every episode can live on it's own. Enough time has seemed to pass that the stories feel vaguely familiar but the details aren't quite clear. The series has a lots of tales told by people, like days long gone, and watching with the kind of hazy familiarity I have really adds another layer of enjoyment. It's like hearing stories from parents or grandparents. The Scottsman, Beasts and all the unique creatures Jack comes across in his quest to save the world are all as fun as ever and the show holds up surprisingly well.

I know there's a lot of good TV on right now but if you're looking for something to check out when you are not catching up on current stuff check it Samurai Jack or watch it again if you've seen it before, trust me it's worth it.




I know October is the one month where Baseball shines. I also know that we're about to approach the middle of the NFL season but I've spent the last three days watching the opening week of the '17-18' NBA season and I couldn't be happier.

The NBA is the best overall league period. Almost every team has likeable players, there's plenty of great storylines, there's international players, and the game overall is just better to watch than ever before. There's crazy ball movement, amazing athleticism and crazy shots/dunks. This year in particular also features one of the best rookie classes of recent memory with about 10 guys all expected to be contributing to their teams immediately. In addition to the rookies there's many young players who are ready to take the torch from the previous generation and take over the game, the most exciting of which has to be Milwaukee Buck's star Giannis Antetokounmpo aka "The Greek Freak". We'll also get to see a team in the Philadelphia 76ers full of young talent finally end years of tanking and try to win for once, and they look incredibly exciting. Not to mention the established stars such as Lebron James, Russell Westbrook, Kawhi Leonard, James Harden, Kyrie Irving, and All the Warriors taking the floor. It's just a good product.

The biggest criticism against the NBA is that we already know that the finals are going to be the same as they've been the last three years, menaing we'll see the Cleveland Cavaliers and The Golden State Warriors again. That may be the case but that doesn't mean the ride there will be anything less than stellar. It'd be like criticizing a really good rollercoaster because you already know where it's gonna end. Just get on the roller coaster and enjoy the ride. Also expect alot more writing about the NBA on this site.