Every now and then(time is not something we acknowledge) the contributors to The Irrelevant will share the one thing we've been into this week. It can be a movie, a book, a song, an album, some youtube video, a random meme, or twitter user, anything that's been taking up more space in our mind than it should. We want to share this with you because we like sharing things we're into.


What the Hell is Happening with MLB Free Agency

For the second straight year the talk of the baseball world is the lack of activity in teams signing free agents. This was the class that was supposed to change the game and even though some of the players who originally made the class attractive are absent because of extensions and options what is happening? Baseball twitter has been hammering this conversation into the ground so I’ve been exposed to it all week and I have some opinions.

First what the hell is happening? There are two young generational talents that likely every team could afford and they all just decided to sit on their hands at the same time? Even if we give the owners the benefit of the doubt and believe that, what the hell are the odds? That’s some baseball fun, well not so fun, fact stuff. Not even one dummy billionaire is going to get drunk and call up Scotty Boras and be like “Screw it! I want to win, damn the expenses!”

On the flip side there are sensible arguments that like most things this situation is probably a combination of circumstances. Everything from flaws in all the players to the market adjusting could be at play also every front office is filled with the same ivy league prototypes, they might think in some creepy hive mind.

Is Bryce Harper’s defense really considered that bad and simultaneously valued that much to make teams hesitate to sign “baseball’s LeBron James?” If defense is valued that much did a few unlucky games cost Grandal that much money? Were Machado’s Johnny Hustle comments really and attempted murder really that bad? Ok maybe that last one, but that was YEARS ago. We have seen terms leaking and being disproved left and right so it’s hard to get a grasp of how it will end up but we are at the end of January and franchise altering upgrades can be had for only money what is happening?


Millenial Trash

How much longer will this millennial social media influencer bubble last? This week I was provided not with an answer, but my very own Baader-Meinhof phenomenon instead! I discovered The American Meme on Netflix which documented this trend and included Paris Hilton. Yes, she's considered a social media influencer now, but the film does a good job of explaining how she sort ushered the socialite role into the digital age. The influencers seemed to all have a sense of self awareness and even admitted to the vapidness of of their newfound success only the internet could provide. Josh Ostrovsky aka The Fat Jew surprised me the most by the end of the movie. I went in already soured because of his appearance on Million Dollar Listing:New York and he had a reputation for being a “hack”. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong but he basically capitalized on memes first and was able to offshoot his brand into a legitimate wine business, so…?

This was also the first I heard about Caroline Calloway who was trending for perpetuating the negative millennial stereotype to the fullest. Her “workshop” world tour crumbled due to MAJOR lack of planning including not securing venues. People called her a scammer at worst, but at best she's a good-intentioned, lazy dumb-dumb.

That doesn't compare to the ultimate troll and actual scam that was Fyre Fest though. Fyre Fraud on Hulu tells the story of the failed music festival that left a number of fellow millennial influencers stranded on an island in the Bahamas. Moreso, we learned of CEO and charlatan Billy McFarland.
I don’t think his actions are that of a millenial. Rather he is a run of the mill con-artist that was exposed because of the digital age we are living in. Maybe this bubble isn't going to ever burst. Maybe the better question to ask is what direction is it taking our society into?