There’s a miracle happening in the Liga MX. Mexican soccer like all of the great leagues in the world has a system of relegation and promotion that sees the bottom team in a percentage table drop from the top level and the champion (really the winner of a playoff game between the winner of each tournament) from the second tier league comes up to the top level. This year the newly promoted team is “Lobos BUAP” or their full name “Club de Fútbol Lobos de la Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla”. I bring them up because this little team from Puebla is currently leading the league and doing so in style.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Mexican league it is a big league, many players from all across the western hemisphere and even Europe earn their living in the league. There are teams that are centuries old, stadiums that rival the best in Europe, and ardent rivalries between many teams. The giants of the league have seen many great players pass through them and are rich in history. The market value of the Liga MX easily eclipses that of the MLS, and according to transfermarkt is second only to the Brazilian Serie A in value in the whole hemisphere. The biggest team in the league, Tigres UANL, features a French International as well as a Chilean International and an Ecuadorian international who is also the highest payed player in the league. Tigres’ market value is more than 4 times worth that of Lobos BUAP yet Lobos BUAP is sitting atop the league.

Lobos BUAP is as small a minnow as there can be. Not only do they have the smallest budget of any team in the league, they aren’t even the biggest team of their own town. Both Lobos BUAP and the more popular Puebla FC are in the city of Puebla. Prior to Lobos BUAP joining the league Puebla FC was the smallest team in terms of market value, now they’re second to last. Think about that, the smallest team in the league last year is bigger than Lobos BUAP by about 400 thousand dollars. Puebla outshines them in every way. Their stadium fits 30 thousand more people, they have more fans, their uniforms are better. I mean Lobos BUAP’s uniforms are made by a company called “Keuka” who not only have I never heard of when I tried to research on them their website is still under construction.

Yet through this all Lobos BUAP sits atop the league table. 3 weeks into the league they haven’t lost and with 9 goals scored stand above powerhouses Monterrey and Toluca. What is most amazing about all of this is that no one outside of the people that go to the stadium have seen Lobos BUAP play. They were unable to secure a television deal with any of the TV providers both in or outside of the country. They can’t even get a periscope going. It’s incredible that in 2017 in one of the biggest sports leagues in the world the leader is such a small team that they can’t even secure a television deal.

This is what I love most about this team, they’re like a myth. A cool story that I’ve heard of but I can’t see. All I can do is read about them and be amazed and astonished. The minnow is fighting with the sharks and winning, but we can’t see it. I only hope this continues, I really hope Lobos BUAP doesn’t secure a television deal and they continue this pace because think of how amazing it would be if the best team in a league is never seen by the majority of the world? It'd be like if the Brooklyn Nets sweep LeBron but all we have is articles about it.

I love Lobos BUAP and I hope they stay near the top as long as possible.