Really WWE? Really Vince? Was this contest at Money in the Bank the best you and your creatives could do? If that was all you had to offer for this "historic" occasion the time has come for you to stop the charade of trying to legitimize the Women's Division. The WWE powers that be only view these women as a gimmick and all of its' fans deserve better. When I wrote this, the Women's Money in the Bank ladder match had already been announced and the build up right to the match start had me thinking the company was going to be changing things for the better. I was clearly too naive or stupid, likely both, and fell for the work.

For some context, Money in the Bank is a type of match where the number one contender for the world title is decided by the first contestant to climb a ladder and claim a briefcase suspended in the air that contains a contract to fight the Champion. It has gone on for 8 years, is a big deal and up until this year has only ever been fought by men. That was supposed to change this year when the WWE creative team somehow found it in them to include the female superstars. After around 12 minutes of good wrestling from the best women on the Smackdown roster fans were subjected to the most disrespectful outcome possible. Which saw James Ellsworth,a man who escorted one of the competitors to the ring, climb the ladder and win it for his female counterpart.

My wrestling knowledge is still lacking but it is pretty commonly known finishes such as these are crafted to weaken the winner and gain "heat" for heels. While I think the outcome did serve that purpose the optics could not be any worse. There is so many ways the match could have finished without being insulting. Simply having everything the same but Carmella actually climbing the ladder would be a start. If this was supposed to finally be Carmella's break you cheapened it like a legendary athlete joining a super team to win a championship. It may be a reach to say this display showed the creatives think the WWE women need a man to win things for them but that is how the match unfolded. Even if the intent of the result was not meant to portray an outdated mentality that is what transpired. The short sightedness of everyone involved in this narrative is almost Kendal Jenner Pepsi commercial level bad. How on a night you built up as historic for the women's division you allowed a man who isn't even supposed to be here to steal the result is beyond me. I don't know if there are any women in the creative division, publicly there aren't and if tonight and Extreme Rules are any indication I seriously doubt it. Female presence in the wiring department notwithstanding this result was inexcusable. This was demoralizing and offensive to your fans, especially female ones. Most of the quick reactions I've seen from the WWE Universe seem to agree, showing how out of touch with their fans and society in general this company is in this area. No amount of kayfabe, not Smackdown General Manager Daniel Bryan saying "it will be handled on Tuesday" or other superstars saying it was still a good match can save this. Who cares about the weekly show that >50% of fans either don't watch or fast forward through, Pay Per Views are what matter. Tonight WWE disrespected 5 women who have busted their asses night in and night out for them. This is the kind of bush league antics that the Women's Revolution was supposed to be a counter to and instead it had me wanting to cancel my WWE Network subscription.

I am totally taking this predetermined entertainment too seriously. Feeling slighted by trivial outcomes is stupid but when it comes down to it for WWE though the problem is these kinds of results are just not entertaining which is kind of the point of all this. We've seen men climb that ladder for eight years already and WWE cheated us all, especially its own talent of seeing something different that could've been historic. If they aren't careful with how they proceed they will soon alienate and loose a lot of fans if they haven't already. The upcoming Mae Young Tournament, mercifully run by Triple H, can go a long way to prove they are serious about this "revolution." Luckily for them it is their best chance because Triple H has proven with NXT and the Cruiserweight Classic he can craft compelling and different storylinew but I won't be holding my breath for quality women's division work

I noticed this was missing from WWE's first ever Women's Money in the Bank post show gallery. Here you go.

*I know I've written about this twice but I just couldn't let it go. Hopefully there won't need to be a third.