Every week I will select a few comic books that I think you should read. This week a famous redhead is back from the dead. Batman. A pink southern mountain lion playwright. A swampy winter special. A famous mutant couple is back together and it’s not Kitty and Colossus.

X-Men: Red #1 by Tom Taylor, Art by Mahmud Asrar and Ive Svorcina

After the events of Jean Grey and Phoenix Resurrection (which I won’t spoil here) we get an all new X-men book. Jean Grey is back from the dead and she doesn’t recognize this world she’s in! She is now leader of a new team which includes Nightcrawler, Honey Badger, All New Wolverine and Namor. There’s an evil threatening Professor Xavier’s dream.
Tom Taylor is probably one of the best writers out there at the moment. I haven’t read much of his stuff but I can’t deny I’m reading this book solely on Asrar’s art. I was a fan of his since I saw it in All New X-men.
Also Jean Grey is probably one of my favorite X-men. So this is going to be an exciting read!
You can check the preview pages here

Batman #40 by Tom King Art by Joelle Jones

This is the fourth part in the arc called Superfriends. The last issue was left on a cliffhanger. Tom King is telling a great story in this arc. With Batman and Wonder Woman's friendship coming apart at the seams, the universe is also falling apart.
I know I said Tom Taylor is probably one of the best writers at the moment but Tom King really has hit his stride with this book. Batman is probably King's more approachable work. ( Check out Mister Miracle 1-4 they have been reprinted this week as well.) Also take note on Jones, her work is amazing. She has already appeared on the "Rules of Engagement" arc. Also check out her work on the Mockingbird covers and she was the force behind Ladykillers.

Exit Stage Left the Snagglepuss Chronicles #2 by Mark Russell Art by Mark Morales, Mike Feehan

A comic book based on the beloved cartoon from the 1960’s? I know it sounds absurd. This is the premise: A gay southern playwright is caught in the middle of the Red Scare.
After the events of the last issue, the government is on the tail (no pun intended) of Snagglepuss. His show is having inner turmoil. What will Snagglepuss do? I guess you have to read to find out!
Mark Russell is great at satire. Seriously check out his other work, Prez and The Flintstones. Exit Stage does play differently from his other works. First issue had some great characters. I just think that some literary terms went over my head. Great read none the less.

Swamp Thing Winter Special by Tom King, Art by Jason Fabook Backup Story by Len Wein Backup Art Kelley Jones

In many ways this is a special book for many readers especially if you follow Swamp Thing. The co creator of Swamp Thing has a back up story which was going to be intended to be a new story arc for Swamp Thing. Unfortunately, Wein passed away last year. This should be on list to read for a great story by one of comics' legendary voices.
Tom King wrote the main story with Jason Fabook on art. It’s going to be ride. Please don’t sleep on this.

Rogue and Gambit #2 by Kelly Thompson, Art Pere Perez

Relationships come and go. Rogue has grown to be a leader herself and has made out with Deadpool. Gambit on the other hand is still stuck in the past and thinks things can go his way.
Lucky for them Kitty received a message that some mutants are disappearing in this mutant paradise. Now the couple has to go into cover to see what is actually happening.
In this second issue (of five issues), the couple will dig deep into their past while in therapy while they still searching for the missing mutants. This story is reminding me a lot of The Perfect Getaway you know without the murder.