The WWE's "Women's Revolution" that started out with so much promise has become a crap shoot of a burden to watch week after week. At a time when female empowerment and gender equality are celebrated throughout the world, the WWE Women's Division should be at the forefront not still finding it's footing. To this point the division has been getting by on the talent of it's superstars and the recent shakeup, which saw the superstars change rosters, otherwise known as Raw and Smackdown Live. We are little over a year into the Women's Revolution and the novelty of the rebrand is waning.

My wife and I rediscovered our Pro Wrestling fandom after about a 15 year hiatus and the Women's Revolution was a direct cause. Because of this the women's segments are some of my favorite to watch, but the recent Women's Championship Match at Extreme Rules was inexcusable. At Extreme Rules fans were subjected to an uninspiring ~5 minute match on a Pay Per View that ended 15 minutes short of the traditional 3 hour mark. In said match one of the companies most skilled superstars never got to showcase herself and got squashed by an inferior opponent(however much I may love her). For the record I agree with the decision to keep Bayley a pure baby face but the two never actually entertained.

There are quite a few intriguing directions the creative team and the superstars could take their characters. Save the divison's best heel from her trivial involvement with 205 live. Let her go full Sasha Banks making kids cry and then mocking them for crying. She'll be everything Alexa Bliss can't. Which isn't to say Alexa isn't good in her own right. She is already a fantastic heel and was improving by leaps and bounds in the ring. Alexa is just better than you and you need to know that. A primary reason last week's "This is your Life" skit was so ill received is because she's not convincing in trying to deliver sketches and talk shows. Alexa has the arrogance and quick wit of a Rick Flair like character, put her on the mic and let her tear people apart. Back to Bayley. Bayley is a loser and so is Becky Lynch for that matter, but they are also the faciest faces that ever faced. I would like to see Bayley dug out of the shallow grave the writers recently put her in, go full old school wrestler with axe handles and elbow drops for everyone. The fired up Piper/Macho Man type promos would be amazing, no more timid little lifelong Wrestling fan. Let her step into the Cena role of the division and not let it go. Meanwhile on Smackdown let Charlotte claim the title like she should have the night she got there. She is on a whole other level than the rest of the division and needs to be promoted as such, similar to the way Neville has been booked. Give her a few scares here or there with the other women on the roster especially the aforementioned Becky Lynch but with no one who can believably defeat her, let her reign be long and memorable until Asuka shows up.

To WWE's credit since the revolution kicked off they have booked some really big spots that were great matches including main eventing Raw and the Hell in a Cell PPV. Those spots have only fueled the WWE Universe's desire for more, but now we want compelling story lines and real polarizing characters to go with them. The timing has never been better. Recent examples of the success of Wonder Woman, Gamora, the little girl from Logan show people want to see badass women be badass. WWE has at least five hours a week of wrestling to fill that is more than enough time for them to give the women more opportunities to inspire and empower young women on a weekly basis.

In case you thought I was kidding about making kids cry.