The Irrelevant Podcast Network consists of the following shows

El Pochcast

Ni de here, Ni de there. Exploring what it means to be pocho through stories, interviews, and culture.

Talking To Houseplants

A Man Talking to his Houseplant, and to whoever is listening.

The Irrelevant:

Not everything is necessarily important, but that doesn't mean that thing is not significant.

This is a podcast that celebrates the interesting aspects of "unimportant" things that have shaped our lives or have more significance right under their top layer. Curiosity above all.

128 Bits

Reliving the greatest, most formative era of video games. The 6th generation. Any game older is old, everything after is derivative.

The Last Best Thing

Each show is a conversation centered around one question, “What is the last best thing you’ve eaten, watched, listened to, or read?”. I ask this question because people love sharing whatever they’re enthusiastic about recently, and I love hearing about it.

Friends of the Network

The following shoes while not directly in the Irrelevant Podcast Network are in the "Extended Irrelevant Podcast Network Universe" and are ABSOlUTELY worth your time.

Dizzy for Dizi

The Basic's Guide to: Women's Wrestling

Takeunder: nXt commentary