In the spirit of festivus approaching I thought now would be a good time time to follow tradition and air out a few grievances I’ve had around The Last Jedi. I got a lot of problems with you people’s opinions and now you are gonna read about it. If you read my other piece you will understand this Star Wars reached me in a way the others did not and I freaking love Star Wars. I have heard a lot people voicing their displeasure with the film and I truly cannot fathom why. What else did people want? Are people really that desperate for a happy ending? Is it displeasure the movie didn't wrap everything up and put a nice bow on top? Is it really that hard to believe one flawed man fresh out of training with no experience being a master could not single handedly revive the Jedi Order to it's past glory? Do they even like Star Wars?

Lightsabers? Check. Space battles? Check. Fantastical Worlds? Check. Interesting Revelations? Check. Familiar faces? Check. Am I missing something? Everything that a Star Wars movie has always had was present and amazing. Are people uncomfortable seeing their heroes in a different unfavorable light? Sure the pacing in the first hour was a little weird but the last hour is non stop Star Wars in all its glory. There is not one major Jar Jar esque mistake or series of them like the Naboo scenes from Attack of the Clones. No blasphemous retconning. Porgs did not kill stormtroopers. What is it?

What is really driving me nuts is people who I know like Star Wars are dismissing this film like some sort of prequel. Those films are objectively bad, this one is not. Maybe after these years of clamoring for unique movies some viewers are showing they actually prefer a black and white, good vs evil, basic stories. I have also read that though the film preaches hope it leaves the viewer with none. I argue these people may be so unfamiliar with true adversity that they can't comprehend remaining hopeful despite all odds. I can only assume people are watching Star Wars movies with adult hang ups. Yet they can not envision a world where Luke, one person with little guidance and no knowledge to pull from but delapidated text, fails at his biggest challenge yet. There was a reason the Jedi seperate Knight from Master and his first chance at a Padawan was a something not even Obi-Wan could accomplish. I don’t know Rian Johnson but I don’t believe there is a deeper meaning or meta commentary intended. It is a fantastical movie that takes us to imaginative and extraordinary places Star Wars has always been good at what it is.

There are a lot of people who, incorrectly, believe The Empire Strikes Back to be the best Star Wars film so again I ask what did they want? The feeling I was left with after The Last Jedi is the closest thing to what I think it must have been like to watch Empire for the first time in adulthood. Everything's kind of dramatically different, questions remain and life is still a bummer but lines are drawn and setting up for the series’ denouement to come. This movie is the essence of Empire Strikes Back. If you fancy yourself a Star Wars fan and thought this movie was anything less than the best the franchise has to offer please give it a second viewing. I for one enjoyed it more the second time and I think you owe it to the child in you. I guess if nothing else I can thank these critiques for proving me right after all these years, Return of the Jedi is the best Star Wars movie.


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