I don't believe there's such a thing as "kid's movies". Maybe that's because I don't have children or maybe it's because I'm a bit immature but I feel like bad movies have long been masqueraded as "kid's movies". The Smurf movies are objectively bad movies, but they're allowed existence because they're "kid's movies" and because SONY has to find a way to license music and make money with its roster of artists. I believe however that these types of movies CAN be held to a higher degree. Take for example Pixar films, these movies are massively popular with children but they're objectively good movies with serious stories, complete scripts, brilliant direction, and serious film making all around. To simply produce a simple, dull, incomplete and uncreative movie and call it a "kid's movie" is an insult.

I do believe there's movies that have aspects that will be uniquely entertaining for children and will allow them to enjoy it in a separate way than how I would enjoy the movie. For Example, Cars 3, the kids like it because of the cool cars and the funny mater voice and the fart jokes but I like it because of the story of mentorship/parenthood and coming to grips with one's age. I don't doubt that when these kids grow up they'll perhaps rewatch these movies and see them in a different light and that's what's great about them. The movies that have aspects for children AND are also well done will grow up with their viewer.

Why is this a curse though? The reason for it is that the good movies that get labeled as "kid's movies" miss out on so many viewers because the bad ones have ruined it. Not only that but the potential viewers miss out on seeing gems like Paddington because they've been burned by The Squeaquel. This is where I as a 30 year old, childless man implore you the reader whoever you are. Go watch Paddington 2.

Paddington 2 is delightful. In a sea of super hero movies and endless Liam Neeson revenge tales, Paddington is a breath of fresh air. It's incredibly well done, light hearted but the troubles that face our protagonist are not inconsequential. The photography of it is at times magical and it has that great quality that I described above, it has plenty for kids and for adults. The morality of Paddington is also something that's worth mentioning because whereas many "kid's movies" kinda skirt this issues presented by the choices the characters make or present a world in which the kids are right and the adults are evil, Paddington doesn't do that. The movie much like it's titular character looks for the good in everyone and miraculously finds it. Even the antagonist of the movie is ultimately just looking for an audience and is not inherently evil. The only possible exception to this is Law Enforcement, be it police officers or judges there's a hint of incompetence in these characters that I can't help but enjoy.

Paddington 2 is the first movie I saw in theaters in 2018 and I can't think of a better way to start the year. Do yourself a favor and go watch it as well! If you still need convincing here's my favorite scene from the movie below.