I know it's impossible to say because I've never met the gentleman but Edgar Wright wrote Baby Driver for me. It takes almost presidential levels of narcissism to believe an amazing director's ambitious concept project he has dedicated a large portion of his life to is made is for you, I recognize this. I knew I’d like the movie but not being a heist movie connoisseur or particularly knowledgeable about cars I wasn’t sure going in how much I would actually appreciate it. Little did I know I was it’s inspiration. I know what you’re thinking and if it weren't the truth I would think I'm an asshole too but it’s just too coincidental to be mere coincidence. I could exhaust myself writing about how good the movie and all it’s parts are but unless you've been living under a rock you've been hit by the advertising campaign and already know it's reputation. I would like to echo all those opinions and still think at the end of the day not enough nice things will be said about it. Rather than spoil anything major, or waste more internet with redundant, even if necessary, praise of the film I'm going to nerd out about some of my favorite things.

It might be a little desperate for me, the person who wanted to love this more than anything, to say I was on board right away but how can you not be with the opening montage of Baby rocking out in a world of his own while waiting on a freaking bank robbery. Music drives the entire film, there are moments that sync up with the audio and exaggerate what is on screen in a way that grabs you and forces you to pay attention. It combines your best senses and doesn’t let go for almost its entirety, especially the stress inducing action sequences. I wasn't as familiar with a lot the music as I probably should have been but that didn’t hinder my enjoyment and these tracks must have been painstakingly auditioned or envisioned for their roles in the movie long before even the cast. Some of us didn't know that the beginning of ‘Bell Bottoms’ is a 2 minute long intro and when, right on cue, Baby pulls some fantastical Mary Poppins shit speeding off backwards, as the track truly kicks in, is an experience that is almost impossible to explain. You just have to take it in.

Shortly after the heart gripping opening sequence in a WRX, the car I've been coming to terms being my dream car for 10 years, and the wonderfully shot coffee run opening sequences we learn about Baby’s music habit. He has jerry rigged a small recording set up of old 80/90s drum pads, keyboards and other forgotten audio equipment. Sure this little detail may be his way of feeling close with his mother who herself if was a recording artist and rounds out his character but am I really just expected to think it’s a coincidence this movie released just when I've started messing around making music again? I have background in pro audio and my favorite things to learn about in that realm are people who figured things out without fancy or high tech equipment. Baby's grungy little "studio" is a place I could get lost in for hours. Additionally, I was hyper aware of the iPods and iPod parts also found in Baby’s workspace and my narcissism tells me Baby is Frankensteining iPods to keep them alive. I have been able to repair almost any ipod I’ve seen and have been doing it for years, so while Edgar Wright has been making incredible movies he must have been checking in on me throughout the years as well, I appreciate that, thanks man.

Two coincidences may be just that but the third strike that gave me the realization the movie was mine was the fact that Baby and Debora’s first conversation happens after/during a Beach Boys song. My Wife and I’s song just happens to be “Wouldn’t It Be Nice.” Was it chance that Edgar Wright happened to choose a song from one of the most popular romantic bands ever around 12 years after Adam Sandler had few silly teenagers fall in love over a rom com? I don’t think so.

In all seriousness the movie really is amazing, everything is done so well and it shows. Even late into the movie it never becomes ‘too much’. Obviously none of this stuff was actually intended for me, it's just what resonated with me most. Baby is the kind of character I can fantasize about being as an adult. I already walk around with earbuds more often than I should; my only excuse is poor social skills, it may have inspired me to stop wearing flip flops all the time; just in case I need to flee a scene, I want the jacket, I want the quick reflexes, everything. That is what movies are all about to me, larger than life characters that can take us places we only wish we could go. Edgar Wright genuinely seems to have given his all to bring this to us and you owe it yourself to go see it.