There was a moment as I watched all of Master of None season 2 over the past weekend when I said out loud “What a good life….what a good show.” The unexpected thing about this is that it wasn’t during one of the moments when Aziz or his impossibly beautiful love interest are on the screen eating delicious food in some beautifully scenic Italian villa. It happened in a scene where four African immigrant NY Cab drivers were in a crappy burger joint dancing to “The Venga Bus” with four complete strangers. Their story is part of the sixth episode titled “New York, I love You ” in which we get little vignettes of three uniquely “New York” characters, a doorman at a fancy building, a deaf bodega cashier, and a Burundian cab driver. None of their lives are easy, none of their lives are simple in fact quite the opposite is true but in each of them there’s small moments of victory or sweetness that make you as the viewer feel very good. That’s what I love the most about Master of None season 2, overall the show is incredibly optimistic and believes that even though life is difficult, messy, and hard at times that it’s overall good. The belief that people are inherently good is all over this show. It is never cynical, and always honest almost gushy but above all sincere.

The show is so beautifully photographed. There were multiple times while watching the show that I just paused the show and took a second to admire how well something was shot. The First and last two episodes especially with their homages to Italian cinema were a joy to behold. The show is funny too, that goes without saying. The food is amazing, and the way the show presents the character’s parents is another high point. Season 1 had some episodes where “tough” subjects were addressed and this season there’s more of the same especially in “Thanksgiving” and “Religion” which above all encourage us to see things from the perspectives of those that love us and encourage to empathize with them as difficult as it may be. Dev’s overarching story throughout the whole season is a love story, a romantic comedy, a very good romcom. Filled with super sweet moments and enough “will they won’t they tension” to fill a season’s worth of “The Office”.

If you can’t tell, I really liked this show. I like optimistic TV. In a world full of cynicism that more and more encourages us to recede unto ourselves Master of None season 2 invites us to embrace the possibilities in life and love and friendship and family and good food. Watch it and feel good.