There's no two ways about it folks, Netflix's new rating system is amazing. It's the best thing that's ever happened to the internet so I thought I'd apply it to everything else. So let's start now:


McDonald's Big Mac:🖒
McDonald's McRib:🖓
45 day aged prime wagyu steak:🖒
Black Licorice: 🖓
Kiwi: 🖓
Cauliflower: 🖓
Chicken Lo Mein from Pei Wei: 🖓
Chicken Lo Mein from anywhere else:🖒

Historical Figures

Adolf Hitler: 🖓
Cesar Chavez: 🖒
Dick Cheney: 🖓
Martin Luther:🖒
Martin Luther King Jr:🖒
Archduke Franz Ferdinand: 🖓
Ghengis Khan: 🖒
Marco Polo: 🖓
Colin Powell: 🖓
Teddy Roosevelt:🖒
Josef Stalin: 🖓
Walt Disney:🖓

Things that you can do in a car

Drive Really fast:🖒
Fart in it:🖓
Get in a car accident: 🖓
Travel long distances:🖒
Sing really loud along to the radio while the rest of the world is unaware:🖒
Go on the run from the law:🖒
Slowly Kill the environment:🖓


Motel 6: 🖓
Ritz Carlton:🖒
Whatever is in that one fancy building in Dubai:🖒
The Cortez Motel on Alameda Street in El Paso Texas: 🖓
Holiday Inn Express:🖒
Monopoly Hotel: 🖓

So as you can very clearly see by following Netflix's innovative rating system you can really find out what kind of stuff somebody likes. Not only does this system enable you to understand the likes of someone but it enables you to make suggestions for example if you like the McRib you might like getting in a car accident, or if you like staying in fancy hotels in Dubai you'll probably also like Martin Luther King Jr. Thanks Netflix!